The Importance of Medical Treatment in Personal Injury Cases

Obtaining medical treatment is of paramount importance in a personal injury case. First of all if you are injured and are in pain, you should seek medical attention for your own personal benefit. It goes without saying that you are more likely to have a speedy and fuller recovery if you obtain appropriate medical attention. After an accident occurs, go to the hospital, tell the physician about your pain, and submit to appropriate medical testing. Once you are released from the hospital, if you continue to feel pain, you should then seek out an appropriate medical professional. Dependent upon the seriousness of your injuries, a chiropractor may be a good place to start treatment. If your pain continues, and orthopedic, neurologist, or pain specialists may be your next alternative. If your pain is elsewhere a different medical professional may be appropriate. Which ever medical treatment may be appropriate to your particular injury, go get it.

When you obtain treatment your physicians will document your injuries and this brings us to the second reason medical treatment is essential in a personal injury case. Medical documentation is important evidence. Self diagnosis are not competent evidence. Only a doctor can opine with regard to your injuries and physical limitations. As such, you seek treatment from a medical professional and that medical professional’s assessment must be present through written medical documentation and the medical professional’s testimony.

In addition, the value of a personal injury claim is governed to a large degree by the extent of medical your bills. Even non-medical damages, such as pain and suffering, can be effected by the extent of the medical damages. That is, a jury is more likely to return a higher pain and suffering award in a case with a high amount of medical bills. Now that doesn’t mean to go out and run up your medical bill, because you are only entitled to recover reasonable and necessary medical expenses. However, if you refuse to seek treatment, even though you have legitimate injuries and are in pain, you are only hurting yourself, your personal injury claim, and the damages to which you are entitled.

Finally, if you’re concerned about the cost of medical treatment, you shouldn’t be. Your physical care should be your highest priority. Furthermore, most attorneys usually know one or more health care providers who will provide you health care treatment under a letter of protection, meaning that the physician agrees not to seek payment for their services until your personal injury case is resolved.

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